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October at Caffe Ladro


Sustain Your Coffee Habit

What can you do with $2?

Sustain Cup

How about purchasing a Sustain Cup and reusing it for your daily coffee, reducing waste, and saving a few trees? That’s truly a noble purpose for your bucks.

We’re excited to offer our customers $2 Sustain Cups, in stores now. Not only are these supremely affordable—and attractive—reusable cups; they are recyclable when they reach the end of their long and laudable lives.

Did we mention you receive 25¢ off your coffee beverage when you forgo a paper cup?

Save a Tree. Save a Quarter.

Maple GibraltarMaple Gibraltar: Looks Delicious, Doesn't It?

The best espresso drinks are more than the sum of their parts. Real maple syrup, cinnamon, whole milk, and our superb espresso unite in the Maple Gibraltar that will warm you through and through.

Taste the holiday cheer in stores now!

Limoncillo JavanicaLimoncillo Javanica


Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matagalpa
Farm: Limoncillo
Elevation: 1200m
Taste Notes: Orange Blossom, Delicate Peach, Creamy, and Smooth

Javanica is a rare low-yield varietal we are honored to bring you this season. Drink this delicate coffee slowly and let its subtle peach and orange blossom whisper to you. We think you’ll like what it has to say.


While selecting the perfect coffee gifts for your friends and family this year, snag yourself a little somethin’ somethin’ too.

In Stores: earn a FREE DRINK when you buy one or more travel mugs or two or more 12oz bags of whole bean coffee. Fireside for Aunt Em. Diablo for Uncle Henry. A Maple Gibraltar for you.

Online: FREE SHIPPING on your purchase of two or more items all holiday season! George needs an AeroPress. Grab him a bag of Limoncillo Javanica too. You’ve been wanting that Clever Dripper and now you’re saving on shipping… go ahead. It’s a special time of year.