Ethiopia Hama

Region: Kochere District, Ethiopia
Elevation: 1600 – 2500m
Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom
Taste Notes: Lemon, Hops, Milk Chocolate

Ethiopia Hama Cooperative map

What’s special about Fair Trade Organic Ethiopia Hama?

Ethiopia Hama cherries are fully washed to remove the fruit from the seeds, which are then dried on raised beds. This produces consistently high quality, delicious coffee with flavors of crisp lemon, hops, and milk chocolate.

Raised drying beds

Raised drying beds

Like wine, coffee has varietals. Coffee is indigenous to the Horn of Africa and many uncategorized heirloom varietals have grown wild in Ethiopia for thousands of years. A sip of this coffee is a sip of history.

Established in 1975, the Hama Cooperative comprises over 1,500 members who work together tirelessly to increase their coffee quality. They make group decisions about farm structure, equipment purchases, and tree maintenance, while upholding both fair trade and organic certifications.

Good Food Awards

We’re proud that this year’s Good Food Awards chose our roast of the Ethiopia Hama as a finalist! It’s our delight to share it with you.


Photos courtesy of Royal Coffee