From El Salvador to Costa Rica

Jack and Dismas are on a 10-day coffee buying trip to Central America. These are notes from their journey.

Quatro M

Quatro M friends

We woke the morning of the 26th feeling pretty darn good, considering. After breakfast and a lot of coffee, we toured Quatro M. What an amazing mill! So clean (a hallmark of quality)!SAMSUNG CSC
At the cupping table, we tasted a couple rounds from the Malacara B and Los Mercedes fincas. Producers Roberto and Rodrigo Dumont joined us. Malacara B is a very well known farm and has won the Cup of Excellence numerous times. The two tables were incredible and scored between 85 – 87. Jeff and I made a few decisions, then went off to view the farms.
We saw some new varietals and fell in love with the orange Bourbon on sight. So beautiful. I tasted the first sweet cherry and proclaimed, “I want this!” We continued on to view the housing area and clinic, which are free to all workers and families. They also have a school and a huge soccer field. This is consistent with other great farms: keep your workers happy and they return to pick the best cherry for you!
Cherries at Malacara B

Cherries at Malacara B

SAMSUNG CSCAfter a simple lunch and a ridiculously incredible view, we trekked back to the hotel. A beer with Rodrigo and Roberto helped us discuss the details. We went out to dinner at Seoul Garden, which was a nice break from rice and beans.
A 5:00 am shuttle brought us to the airport the next morning. We arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica, at 9:30 am and went straight to the hotel, already exhausted.
We hoped for a light day and jumped into a microbus to the very remote farms and mills of the Central Valley. Herbazu and Aprocetu have two incredible operations. After lunch at 4:30 pm, we drove back to San Jose. Quick clean up and calls home, then dinner. Bed at 11:00 pm. TIRED! But we’re in the home stretch.