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Announcing: Primera Clase


In March Jack and I were eating some amazing Chicharrónes at a micro mill in Tarrazu, Costa Rica, and he felt so compelled by their deliciousness that he sought the help of Google Translate to exclaim, ‘¡Primera clase!’ He looked at our hosts and said it again a few times, pointing first to the chicharrón then turning his finger toward his mouth. “¡Primera clase!”

Primera Clase was conceived. For the next two weeks as we continued on our sourcing trip through El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras, we used the phrase to describe everything from a beautiful cup of coffee or a good joke to the vibe of someone’s personality.

On the plane ride back to the states we were seated cozily in the back of the plane and the announcement came on in Spanish to talk about where to find our life vests, etc. and then the voice said something about primera clase. We laughed, looked at one another and pointed to the speaker, shaking our heads: First Class.

Occasionally we come across coffees that are sublimely elegant and stop us dead in our tracks, begging to be carefully handled and celebrated. These top shelf, exquisite gems and the producers who have brought them into the world will be the centerpieces of our new line: Primera Clase. The best coffees in the world, a truly first class experience.  The first in this line launched today: Colombia Alto Los Pinos from Sr. Jose Nolvi Rodriquez.  Enjoy!

-Jared Linzmeier

Director of Coffee