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NWRBC – Photo Recap – Dismas Smith


Dismas (Right) is the head roaster at Caffe Ladro. He competed in the Brewers Cup Competition at the NWRBC. He competed last year in Portland at the United States Brewers Cup Comp as well.
Not only is Dismas a great competitor (he holds the title of the first North American Barista Champion) he also roasted all the coffee that our competitors used during the competition. He also roasts everything you drink at Ladro! Go Dismas! You the man!

NWRBC – Photo Recap – Maxwell Mooney


Maxwell is new to Caffe Ladro. He works at our Lynnwood location. He has been learning about coffee at home, owning 3 home espresso machines. He brought the judges on his coffee journey. From his first french press in college to learning about the intricacies of espresso as a barista at Ladro. Welcome aboard Max, we are excited to have you on the team!
Photo Credit: Sprudge.Com


Photo Credit: Jared Linzmeier


Photo Credit: Jared Linzmeier

NWRBC – Photo Recap – Ryan Bisson



Ryan Bisson is our educator on Upper Queen Anne.
He had a very interesting performance based around the glassware used to consume his beverages.
He served espresso in port sippers and cappuccinos in wine glasses to create a different experience.


Photo Credit: Sprudge.Com


Ryan got help from B.Fullers to create some interesting botanical infusions like shizandra berry, cocoa nibs, and dehydrated orange peel.

NWRBC – Photo Recap – Michael Ryan


This dapper lad is Michael Ryan. He is the Cafe Educator at out 15th Ave location. He wrapped his performance around the idea that, due to our different experiences and cultures, we taste things differently. He allowed for dialoge so the judges could communicate what they tasted. He then made a beverage that would appeal to all of them individually and as a whole.


Photo Credit: Sprudge.Com


Photo Credit: Jared Lindzmeier