Monthly Archives: December 2012


FiresideWeekends away in cabins, community and family, evergreen forests, mist-covered snowcapped mountains, Puget Sound ferry rides, and warm apple cider with bourbon are the inspiration for Fireside.  It is an homage and accouterment to the beauty of our region. For 2012, the blend also celebrates our first full year of sourcing and roasting our own coffee!

We searched high and low to develop a profile for this special release to be both adventurous and classic. With seasonality as our guidepost, we picked out two plush and lively coffees hailing from Cauca in the southern part of Colombia.  The first coffee provides a base of chocolate and apple cider notes while the other component brings the additional spice and body.  We then tailored a roast profile that would draw out these delicious flavors and also add an underlying nuttiness to the cup.

This coffee is best enjoyed amongst friends, preferably where it’s cold enough to see your breath.

Enjoy the holidays and stay tuned for more seasonal releases.

-Jared Linzmeier

Director of Coffee